What would you say to someone if they told you that every death gives them more life? They aren't the murderers; they just benefit from death.

People die all over the world, but some people have amazingly long lives. What if that's why?
We've all heard of psychic vampires - those people who seem to live off of other people's emotions, or even those who drain all our abilities to have emotions - black pits of need and whine that sometimes are the people we love. Or, the feeling in a crowd, where the prevailing emotion feeds on itself - people can get stronger or louder in a crowd than alone. What if deaths and longevity is connected that way?

When I dance alone, I tire quickly, but when I'm dancing at a club or around lots of other people dancing, I feel energized, as if I'm plugged into a source of energy. This got me thinking as to the tragedy of a person or persons who realize that their lives are based on other people's deaths. How horrible would that realization be? Imagine the thought that major tragic world events, that wars and bombings and fires and drought and disease and tsunamis and earthquakes and murders are the reason you might live to be 110 or past.

Would you want that life?