"I cannot live,
I cannot breathe
unless you do this with me"
Angels And Airwaves, The Adventure

And he texted me last night: the week is too long without you.

I'm working my way to you, pa.


Forever: Oddity
Pale skin hidden from the sun
Sunken eyes beneath her veil
Wrapped in the dark of my night
Following the shadow of the moon
The scent of her arouses me
Biting the lip of ruby red lipstick
She trembles inside my black cape
Knowing that i’ll be there forever
A white gown streaked in blood
Her arms wrapped inside of mine
This lust is a beautiful romance
From sunrise until sunset we live
Waiting for the night to call to us
Watching the moon until forever

Forever: me
Inhale your scent, my knees go weak
I want to breath you in
I want to feel you with every inch of my skin

Catch sight of you, there goes my breath
I want to always see you
Color my world, make it complete

I want to care for you
tender and sweet
By your side

Your voice, like a shock to my system
makes my heart race
and I turn to you like a flower
bask in your light

And when I'm in your arms,
Oh, love
It feels like forever.