all I want is you
in the middle of the night,
to wake next to you
feel your breath on my skin
your arms around me.

You're the ghost inside my head
so alone without you,
When we're together
I see no one else.
So far away, but one day
We will be together

I love your smile
the shy glint of your eyes
Your laugh, the secrets within
the shadows without.

You are everything
all I ever wanted
all I ever needed
all I ever loved.

In your room, in your arms
safe and loved and desired
wanted, complete, in you.

Touch by touch
you're my alltime lover
skin to skin, close under the covers

You're the one and only
my sacred, my holy
just what I needed
Your heart is my favorite body part
And I possess it.

I want to kiss you all over
Made for loving you
you are exquisite torture,
sublime release, ecstacy
poetry in motion.

These are only words
and words are all I have
to take your heart away.
too many distractions to be able to write something heartfelt for Oddity. I wish I could let it just flow but some things are too raw and a bit too raunchy.

Listening to music and wishing for the time I had as a kid to make the songs stories. I would arrange music (didn't matter the genre) to 'tell' a story. Like Running Man by Al Stewart would do well with Pursuit by Icon of Coil, Like Tears In Rain by Covenant, Tears in Rain by The Retrosic (the monologue from Blade Runner when the replicant was dying). I know there's more, from other genres, but I can't think of them now and I can't just pay attention.

Had an interview in Lancaster yesterday. While technically the interview went well, I do not think I am going to get that job. I fully felt that whatever rapport we had over the phone was canceled in the face to face. But who knows; it may work out. I hope, even though I don't think this one will pan out. There will be other jobs and other opportunities.

And I so wish I could just stay at my job, get my license, get a car and get paid more at my job, 'cause I really do like what I am doing now. If wishes were pennies.....

Missing Oddity. Was nice to wake up next to him on a workday. I know we can't live together yet - trust me, the way I am and the way he is, there will be super clashes and the conflict will kill the relationship. We both have a lot of adjustments to make.

I am going to apply to Kaplan University online for paralegal skills. I need to up my own technical knowhow and get better jobs.