I have the creepy crawlies. I don't know if it's fleas (but I see/find none), bed bugs (no indication AT ALL and I'm actively searching), head lice (no sign), allergic reaction to my own hair/my dog's hair (could be, it's turning into spring and any of my allergies pounce about now) or just stress (the combination of stress-induced allergies is loads of fun).

I can physically feel the things crawling on my skin and there's nothing there. Sometimes it's under my skin. Like littler critters, wriggling along. GAH! Hate this. Called it ghostbugs too.

I'm moving. I've alot of cleanup to do prior. and I've not gotten to any of it yet. The job is stressing me out - the one I have now and the future lack of one. My phone's dead thanks to my forgetting the charger at Oddity's. so I've not heard from my kids and THAT's stressing me out.

Capt A's phone is dead too. His birthday's today. I can't make it to the dinner 'cause I have to work. GRRRRRRRRR.


So, new life changes.

I'm moving finally to Lancaster. I'm moving in with a friend and still rather desperately looking for work. I forgot my charger at Oddity's and I NEED my phone to be working for any job calls!!! so dumb somtimes.

I have to get rid (not reduce - rid!) myself of all my clutter. I want to learn french so bad I can taste it but I can't seem to devote the time needed to learn it on my own. I have a movie to watch that I just can't sit still long enough to watch - and it's something I WANT to watch! My last week of work is next week and the clutter on my desk is never-ending....

I love Oddity. Let me state for the record that the only reason I'm NOT moving in with him is that we can't, yet, co-abide. I have to learn to declutter, and he has to accept a little less space. We have things to work out. And I want to provide a space for my youngest to come up so I can help her with her pregnancy and baby - can't do that living with my friend or with Ray. It's going to get hairy.

But that's okay.

and Oddity writes on his Myspace:

" Marching forward
Current mood: loved
March 1st.

I'm excited.

First, an excerpt from Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards

" just because you're going forward..does'nt mean i'm going backwards! "

Kicking off the month this weekend with Shadowland. Love it !!
The big news, my girlfriend of 1 year and 10 months is finally making the move from york PA to Lancaster PA. We will be living only about 5 minutes apart, deciding it was best not to live together right from the start. We are mostly adjusted to each other but still learning. I have been on my own for 21 of the past 24 years.

We are different in the way we live at home, but nothing dramatic. She is a morning person, i am not. I like space when i first get home from work. I like my place clean and organized. Nerva is making several sacrifices to be with me and i know it will be hard at first. I will do anything i can to make her transition as comfy as i can.

But we will finally be closer together, free from the shackles of not seeing each other during the week. For the first time in my life i have found my other half. Someone who gets me and loves me despite my weaknesses. I am very lucky and i feel this is special. I never really knew exactly what love is, but this feels right. It is a wonderful feeling and i have waited a long time. Wish us luck !! "

oh gods, I love this man. I love him in all his moods, in all his rants and meltdowns and joy and strangeness. I am happy to wait, but we will be one. He makes me so happy.

I'm excited.