I love gingerbread cookies, especially with icing.

I cannot stand sitting in my chair at work. It hurts my legs and my tailbone. I also hate the arms and wish I could tear them off. I'd rather stand (which my feet, of course, do not appreciate).

My hair falls out but there's still hair on my head. ALOT of it.

I've noticed that people with houses and money call about defective products. Poor people don't call.

I find I like fall and winter; I just don't like the cold.

I wore a Star Trek Next Generation shirt to work on Halloween, in direct flouting of the 'no costume' rule. Stupid job.

I do not like the people my son and youngest befriended. I hate dealing with them.

I am not like anyone you've ever met. Don't pigeonhole me. Don't assume.

I like to sing. I lived in the songs I grew up with, and it is just me.

I am very giving and accomodating.

I LOVE MY ODDITY!!!! He is meeting me tomorrow (we weren't going to be able to meet at all this weekend - oh poop! but he's making the effort!!!) for steaks. I think he's going to dress up as gandhi... LOL for dinner! Oh, he's freaking fantastic. I am very much in love.

I do not like to complain, nor do I like to ask for favors. I try very hard to be self-sufficient.

I love to eat.


Silent tears while words scroll
Quietly accepting
We are all different
Life is as it is.

I will always forgive
I will always love
I will always show mercy
I will always empathize
Or I would not be me.

And while you do not understand
If I weren't what you rail against
you would not love me.
If I were like you,
you would not like me.
Ironic, isn't it?

I choose how I feel.
I choose not to let
your words wound me.
I carry on, and you never know
just how deep it went.
And I forgive, and I love.
You will never understand
Because you choose not to.