I like "Jojo" and "Lido Shuffle" by Boz Scaggs, but they have always evinced, in me, a visceral reaction not in keeping with their subject matter or genre. I know the feelings are connected to what I had been reading during the time I first heard those songs - and I remember the book. It was "Yargo" by Jaqueline Susann. So, the feelings these songs instill is that of an alien love/sex thing.

I never said I was normal.

I love my Captain A. But sometimes, vanilla isn't my flavor (as in, I'm a freak). And so, I've somehow run into a very strange and interesting oddity that I will just name Temptation. Temptation enough to drag me from retirement as Goddess of Lust and Sexual Entanglements.

Now, I thought I could be tempted before, but it didn't pan out. This time.. this time all the opps are there, all the music, all the physicality. And this is purely physical. Mindblowingly so. Enough for me to really be afraid, that this time, I'll blow it.

I like having boytoys. I like that the boytoy knows what music flips switches inside me. But you know, I want to keep what I have now - a stable, true, honest Capt. A that won't lie to me or cheat. And here I am playing 'footsies' of a sort with someone who's making my libido do contorsions with a wink. Who is NOT Capt. A!!!

How can I teach or get Capt. A to play with me? Ah.. that is a question. Ah well.

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the attentions of Temptation and work very hard at keeping it at arm's length. Maybe.

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