A few things: a little girl I resonated with I finally found out why; she was molested. I want to kill who did it - and I rather like the fellow. Or used to. Now I just want him dead.

I have head lice. I don't know where it came from or why it's happening to me NOW. just that I found an adult louse crawling through my foam earpiece at work and totally flaked out. In a quiet way. I lost it when I got home, though. Cleaning everything.

My son told my parents about my breaking up with Capt. A and a little about Oddity. It wasn't a pleasant conversation.

Temptation found himself falling in love with me. He's a wonderful dear friend and I wish I could undo that for him. It's flattering, and I'm betting it would not have happened had I not become inaccessible. He states he will get over it. I will be sure to stay his friend no matter what. I just wish other girls would see what I saw in him.

Oddity is definitely my match. There's no one like him. Yesterday his computer died; today our phones are fucked up for some unfathomable reason and tonight I think I'm going to crash like a ton of bricks.

I have no money to go to my therapy appointment. Frantically looking for my credit card. I could have sworn I had it in my wallet, but I don't.