What do I write about? I'm trying to organize all the bills I have to pay. I know payment agencies have to force the issue, but that totally makes me want to not pay them. I don't care about my credit score at this time; it's bad, and won't get better because I go hungry. So they can kiss my ass. Getting the vehicle ready to be driveworthy is more important. This will enable me to say "yes, I can pay this off" instead of "kiss my ass" to the collection agency. Hard luck story indeed. The entire US of A is undergoing a hard luck story. Gonna miss the Sexy Beast car. Almost as much as I miss my Michelle. Oh, saw another dog I would so want to have - but she's not good with cats! WAH!!! and I dn't have the time. Her name was Lucy, sne was a mini pinscher, tan colored, and just awesome face. sigh. I want another dog. I want a life of my own. I want to have my own things in my own place and be able to support myself without resorting to asking another for help. I want my own kitchen and my own bathroom and my own living room to setup as I please. I love having three jobs. I realize I am not happy the way others are happy. I am happy when I'm productive, when I'm moving, when I'm active and self-sufficient. Sitting and relaxing does NOT make me happy. off for other endeavors.