I really like being able to drive. I don't have to drive every day; that is very liberating. But I like having this independence, and freedom. Gypsy was right! Now, how to keep it? I may end up working my ass off September-December and learning how to severely save, to have my own car. I know generally what I want; a simple, efficient four door sedan. I'll settle for a 2 door if it has good gas mileage - after all, I suspect it will be, for a while, solely for me and my dog. I want to bring Teri here with Neno, but she's not free of her need to be in a relationship with Neno's father, and I don't want him around unless he can provide. Now, that's a catch-22 - 'cause if he can provide, then there's no need for my kid to come live with me. I want to care for this house so bad; fill it with simple furniture and comfortable things. I want to live in a place without fur in every corner and be warm. I may have to leave once Michelly passes away; this fills me with pain but where can I find a good, safe but cheap apartment that will allow my dog?