It is/was a gorgeous day outside. And I stayed in. I didn't even go to work.

I'm manic. my head and eyes hurt because I can't seem to stay still and my eyes are darting left and right and I'm trying to finish whatever I started and I CANT even focus.

Not even trying to write this.

This is what happens when I have to interact too much with people. Thorne's party, then Shadowland, then game... stress with Ray and his moodiness and people - just too much people. I love the silence of my home and the company of my dog and my new bug. I'm frantic and I can't stop.

everything racing and I've got that stupid time-extend thing going on where everything I think of or hear or do is repeated in slo-mo and everything is superfast and then slows down so much it's like watching stop-start photography frame by frame.

and I'm not hungry but I want to eat and eat and eat and eat. I did that over the weekend aready and got really sick and in alot of pain. damn damn damn damn.

trapped and stuck and dont' want to be depressed and both cold and hot and scared. I hate this. I hate it!!!

I can't seem to see - like it's too dark and I can't focus well. I want to turn on the lights but I'm scared to get a worse headache