So... I got hit by a car Sunday, 12/21, at about 4:20pm at Mt. Rose & Haines. I.. well... I ran into the turn lane thinking the car woudl see me. when I realized impact was imminent, I realized the driver had not seen me.


I rolled over the passenger side and landed with my feet on the curb I was trying to reach, but the rest of me was on the road. People stopped and took care of me. I was shaking alot, both from cold and shock. But I was lucid and coherent.

I had someone call Capt A. He was closer and more familiar with everything. It hurt Oddity a little, but he's an adult and knows the situation. Capt A is pretty damn wonderful in his own right. After all the xrays and CATscans et al, he sat with me in the trauma center while the results were being processed. At one point, he got up to go to eat something, and the nurse said it was obvious he was still very much in love with me.


Oddity came by to see me last night and I know as much as I still feel for Capt A, I want to be with Oddity. Capt A and I get along on sooooo many things and we fit so many ways well together. But Oddity really feels like my other half. I feel we complement each other.

Not to mention I love him to death and am powerfully attracted to him even when I disagree with him.

I feel more appreciated with Oddity, for some reason. Like everything I do means something to him, directly, emotionally. I feel more connected to him. I want to be on my own to show that I can be, and to make him feel a little more secure about me.

One thing I definitely am learning out here - you HAVE to be able to fend for yourself. NYC, I didn't choose well. Out here, you're not the only one choosing.

I need to drive. I hope that my driving test is not an utter failure.

Off to soak in epson salts. Oh, car accident: broke the right side of my pubic bone and putative fracture of one of the thoracic vertabrae, and my face looks like a southpaw took a swing. Out of work for three days - lost all taht OT! - at doctor's orders.

But I essentially 'walked away' from this one. I don't want to do this again. It was frightening.