I love my boyfriend. But as with any relationship, there are things that irritate me about him.
He is a person that can't seem to be content, but thinks VERY highly of himself. My kids have pegged him as a whiner - constantly complaining.

Now, we all have our moments. His is 24/7. I wish he'd become more selfaware. He worries he will leave no lasting legacy of his time on earth. Well, then do something. He IS a teacher; there is no higher legacy or calling, in my book. But that's not enough for him.

He starts things but really never finishes them. He talks big but there's no followthrough. He's a little like my son, and those qualities in my son he derides constantly.

The most annoying, irritating thing is either his inability to flex with life - the kids will be kids and he shouldn't stay one-tone with them or in his emotions to them - and his inability to treat other people the way he wants to be treated. He forgot that golden rule.

Okay, that's all the ranting. Back to listening to Depeche Mode on my walkman while he listens to movie tunes on his computer - he can play them openly, but let me try any of my music and he bitches all the time about it.