My sister in law - the cool one, the good one, the one that loves me, the one my granddaughter calls mommy - has breast cancer. My youngest brother's wife. How is it that this person, who is so full of love and goodness, gets cancer, and the rest of us unrepentant dangerous living sinners get nothing?? WTF?

Mom calls it 'life bombs', when things happen that shake our world.

Teribaby's due to give birth any day between now and Oct 6. Her 'husband' wants me to stay over but I have a job. Love the job. Want to keep it. But I will see her and he in a week's time.

And then I'll visit my family in NY. Ebo's doing fine, with Kenny and Ivy. I can't wait to sit with Ivy and talk with her! Visit with my son and meet his older woman girlfriend, and try to convince the man he's becoming to avoid the street more... sigh.

My roommate is way freaking cool. She and I are much more alike than I thought.

My BFF Gypsy makes me happy. My BFF Bean and her life is.. I can't NOT like it... though it is very convoluted!

And my RayZOR... how I wish he's just STOP BEING so tetchy and crotchety... LOL but it's comforting even as it annoys me. Wierd.

I know a few people who are single who are loveable, but who's characters/personalities make it difficult. And sometimes I think they don't give someone a chance to come in for whatever reasons. I hope they find who will truly appreciate them.