Is it normal to have your stomach ache from eating something you like - and then see it swell and feel uncomfortable for hours? I realize that my 'bloat' stopped happening as I cut out tons of stuff I used to eat, from pizza to fast foods, sodas and juices, almost all snack foods period - but occasionally, I'll eat or drink something I like and find myself in agony and discomfort. Does this happen to everyone, or doesn't anyone feel like this? Right now the skin around my waist and hips itch like a bitch. I have to shower and apply baby oil and lotion every day = but it's too cold to do that every day. I am super sensitive to the cold and I know everyone's heartily tired of hearing about it. But when it comes down to being able to eat only if the kitchen is closed and the oven is on heating up the room, it is a big deal. In the cold, my insides shiver so hard eating becomes difficult. And I suspect I'm the only one this happens to in the house. :( I hate the feel of always being cold; I can literally count the moments I have felt warm on my hands over the past weekend, probably sticking to one hand. It hurts awfully, and now the skin on my face and hands feel like they are burning due to the cold. As I age, the skin takes on this paperlike crinkly look and feel in the cold. It's dreadful. Teresa and the baby live with me now, and I know it's a strain on the rest of the household - the noise and the inability for a certain young woman to keep boundaries intact.... But I was like that. And the only way to learn is not to coddle her.