No one has ever engaged so fully in being in a relationship with me as has Oddity. Pictures, the funny names we call ourselves, the sheer imagination and creativity he displays and not only shares with me but has me be a part of.

There's always so much I want to write when I finally get to this site that I completely forget when I make the time to sit and actually WRITE. It's rather frustrating.

I've not been giving the proper form of attention to my classwork as I should have; I am not going to get the super grades I want if I don't focus and apply myself - nor am I going to be learning anything and this is something I need. Part of it is not having Saturdays to focus and study but... I'm not giving up my only day to be with Oddity.

I really like getting up at 7am even when I sleep at 12... I think the idea of 12-7 sleep or 11pm to 6am would be the best sleep time for me. Plus, working at let's say 10am and leaving work at 6pm would work for me. It would be the perfect balance; though I could live with 9 to 5. Yes, it would be ideal. I like getting up when the sun is clearing the horizon and pouring into my bedroom window.

As we know, that's just wishful thinking. But if only....

Applying for other jobs. The idea, hopefully it will work, is that if I do get hired for something, I stay either with Oddity or a choice of a couple of other friends for the length, at most, of 3 months till I can get a small apartment. Going through the regular channels, I'll never be able to afford an apartment. I'm hoping that my rather really good luck will work out...

I set up a driver's test for aug 8 - now if oddity is working that day, I can move it back a few. Whatever it takes.

I've got a new camera - and it's blue. yes, I purchased it 'cause it's blue and was on sale. I hope I don't lose this one! I don't remember what happened to my first camera and I lost my second one somewhere between the Lettie G and home.

My daughter is back in college for her BA in Social work.... I'm so proud of her! She, like me, will have to take remedial algebra (Gods, I HATE math) but at least she's on her way. She gives me hope for the other two.

I've not heard from my son, who as of June 21 turned 23. I did not wish him a happy birthday, as two days prior to his birthday he was the inappropriately gleeful caller that informed me that my youngest had been kicked out of my parents' home and why.

And I've not heard recently from her; I want her with me but she's not mature enough to do what is right; and I may have to accept that she needs to go through the hard knocks of life to see that what her mama says is good and true. (sob) I'm so worried about her!

My granddaughter got great grades in school and she and my eldest are coming down for Capt. A's summer party. I really hate coming up to NY so this is pleasant.