So, last night something happened that hasn't really happened to me since I was a teen at home. The bed moved/swayed/rocked. Physically moved. I thought perhaps a cat or my dog had come into the room, but the door was closed and there were no animals in the room. Ok.. then perhaps wind? No.. the plastic on my windows have been still. Hrm.. could it be a mild earth tremor? Nothing in the news today. I turned off the lights and it happened again. So I slept with my light on, wondering why it was happening.

This used to scare me alot as a kid 'cause I was brought up in a religion that strongly believed in physical demonic manifestations. I do not believe in that today, and often have to talk my brain and reactions down from the superstitious bullshit I was brought up with. Not to mention the extremely fertile imagination I was blessed/cursed with. Especially since I'm reading Cthluthlu mythos literature now...

I am going to believe that something done in the other house (the same kind of room shares my wall in my room in the attic) may have caused the mild rocking/swaying motion in my bed. There were other small noises, that seemed to be attributable to settling house syndrome, that lead me to believe that may have been the case. But damned if I really hate not knowing WHY my bed moved. And it moved; it swayed. Grrr.
Oh, and I sleep alone.