I LOVE being busy. Today I'm alone and catching up with emails and phonecalls and everything and LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT. I'm online reading emails and blogging, too, because I prefer to be as busy as possible.

I am standing - have been standing instead of sitting for the last week or so. It hurts less, but my feet aren't happy with me.

Listening to music and wishing the batteries will hold out until I get home!

I am happy - content - satisfied for the nonce. YAY!


So wish I could support my granddaughter. I would take her in an instant, put her in the best school in the area, and keep her here with me, where people are human and not horrible beasts as they are in NY.

I've tons of bills. If I do the OT, I don't get to see Oddity. This kills me. But the bills have to be paid.

I should go out more with Suzanne; no money though. :(

No bites on jobs. Not panicking, just frustrated.

I think all I want to do is sleep. and dance. wish my hip were 100%.