Dream: Horror/haunted house thing. Rooms, kitchen, darkness, storm, fear, love, loss multi-dimensional?

room to room was different places. Love was older Al Pacino look alike, felt like Oddity. Abrasive, self-involved and negative. lost him in one of the rooms - death. Thing came to explain. I left the house/building. Had to take a bus back. Bus route was strange, lead through desolated areas. returned to house to get lover. Thing had return, we encountered rest of us. I sat on lover's lap, he was irritated, upset, angry. Thing explained, and outburst from lover: I've wasted so much time instead of loving you, appreciating what I had! I turned and kissed him, crying, holding him, telling him I loved him and woudl always love him. he held me; that was the last time I saw him. Could not find the house anymore and the bus route changed. dream ended with me and my dog continuing to search for the building, to see him once more.