the things I see:

An angry squirrel (Foamy?) in the water and dust marks on the silver lid of the trashcan in the bathroom. He's looking straight at me.

a face in the carpeting of my floor - it's a stick figure, really, oval head, one large straight thick dash for one eye, a thinner dash for the other, and it's glaring at me.

faces in the wall of the bathroom
eyes on the walls of the bedroom
eyes in the foam of the soap while I'm washing

things move when I'm not watching them directly.

The marks on the walls vibrate and 'speak'

I can hear the things in the walls everywhere I go. but they're not the rats or mice or stuff.

Funny thing is that the stuff others would be afraid of - the plush bats and spiders and the bloody handprints and fake spiders I have all over my room - they don't move, or talk, or make faces, or anything. They are inert. It's the stuff that is normal that my brain warps.