Today I have something I have wanted my entire life. I have someone who loves me as I love him, with the same intensity, with the same emotion. He is my other half.

He wrote the below.

"When was, or when would be the time you met or meet someone who you knew is right for you in almost every way ?

For me, i have met that person. My other half. i don’t have to explain very many things, we seldom fight or argue amd disgreements are short lived and learned. I can be myself, at the opposite end of the room, and still feel something as well as an individual. This took me a long time. It was very random and uncanny that neither of us were looking for this."


When Oddity came to meet me on Saturday, he turned to kiss me outside the comic book store and I was caught unawares.... like I didn't expect him to kiss me. I was both surprised and wondered why I was surprised. When he took leave of me Sunday, it was the same. Why was I surprised that he kissed me (and so much, too!)? Is it that someone to show me such affection publicly is alien to me?

I am obsessed with him, but not dangerously so. but it's like a drug; I can't get enough of seeing him, reading him, hearing him, and when I'm with him, I want to feel him near, touch him all the time, breath in his skin and eyes and everything. When I'm with him, I do feel like I'm complete, whole. Every time we say goodbye, it's like a physical tearing away of a member of my body.

I love to see him smile. I love his eyes. I love to sleep with his arms around me (and he always does that!) even though it makes my neck hurt a little, because I'm close to him. I can hear his heart beat (and he can feel mine). I love the way his feet curve, the classic high arch. I love his legs and his posterior. I love his chest and his arms. I love to play with his hands. Love his nose and the curve of his head.

Okay, yea, I know I'm obsessed. Focused, that I prefer. I love that he holds me in public, and reaches back to take my hand (!!!!! who's ever done THAT for me???) and is proud to introduce me - and he talks about me! Like I do about him! (head whirls) I want to be near him. Yes, I even want, hope, that one day I'll carry his name. I would like to keep him, please? Pissy moods and all?

I hope we can work out as we get older just being with each other. It's alot to ask, I know. I'm just so happy around him.