My pet rhinocerous beetle is on Ugly Overload!!! I went to tell him, but methinks he was less than interested.. LOL

Dawn from my room. The horizon looks as if it's on fire, red and orange and yellows blending into the various spectra of blue. It's beautiful. I'll miss this vista. I get the rising sun right into my window, and it shines on my bed. Awesomeness.

Day before got violent winds around 4:15am. I like the dual feeling of being exposed and sheltered from the storms in this room, back room with two walls to the outside, two windows too.

Missing my RayZor. Missing my kids too, and my grandkid, who turns 9 in little over a week. I also wish I could see my mom and dad. But it would involve returning to NY - and that stops my heart cold. I don't wanna go back there.

Snow is tentatively forecast for this weekend. I want to see Ray so bad. It's also Shadowland Lancaster, and I don't want the weather to affect attendance - it's the one year anniversary of being at Lizard Lounge.

Oh, I so wish I lived already in Lancaster. I could be hanging with Gypsy and gaming with Guy; I could be goofing with Grace, or Lori and I could be talking over tea and being silly. I could be cooking at Thorne's or drinking and carousing with Christie or Lizard; I could be reading in a coffee shop or coming home from work to see Ray, or wake up in the morning next to him (not often - but still more than now!). I could be working, perhaps two jobs though that's a stretch, and experiencing newness on my own. I still need to find a situation for my Michelle, though ideally, she would be with me (and omg, my heaven would be complete).