oh my goddess I love that man. what will it be like though, when we cohabit?

should I apply for a lower paying, less hours job that I might actually enjoy (power tools, interaction with customers, on my feet instead of at a desk) to move to Lancaster, or should I wait out the holiday season and just get shit ready to move to Lancaster after April of 2010? I can bear that, so long as I can pay off any outstanding bills now. But the prospect of working where I am now for another holiday season is truly filling me with anxiety. The pressure and the overwhelming amount of work!

The facts of the matter are that it would behoove me to stick it out here until after January, to work on getting rid of any outstanding debt as well as the massive amounts of CRAP I have, and to save money. I also have to arrange for my dog to find a place to live - or find a place I can have my dog with me. I have to be sure I can go to a lower paying job and still have enough to survive on. I have to make sure I plan the whole food/clothe/space thing carefully too, 'cause I don't want to be a bother to anyone....

wow. too much.