Again, lots of upheavals. Purcell died in NYC, in his sleep. I've known him for almost 20 years. Chris Alvarado passed away in a hospital, of colon cancer. I've known him for almost 20 years. It feels like I'm on a collision course with mortality...

Moved from Thorne's to Gypsy's house. I've tons more room and want to be rid of most of my stuff; wish I could just can the whole thing but there are things I do need.

My kids are in upheaval too; the house where Ebo has an apartment has been sold, her dad was sleeping over and he's back on Pot (damn him!!! shit, I had hoped he was done with pot smoking!) and disrespecting my daughter's house rules about smoking in the house... my son is trying to make his job work and I think has a girlfriend - that is, she seems to be, and I'm hoping she can see past his problems. And Teri had to move out of the apartment she was in, things were stored in NY, she is in a room without her child, who is at her sister in law's house.

My parents are aging, my grandmama - Yia, the last of them - is dying, my aunt Hilda and my uncle Lile both died this year.

And my job ends 9/30/11. I am a wee bit scared.

Oh, yea and I have full blown IBS. EVERY FUCKING THING I EAT makes me sick.. okay, not everything, but many things supposedly good for your health will make me miserable and prevent my body from absorbing necessary nutrients.... Well, at least I know what it is now and can work with it.