Germinating story.

Down on luck woman. Victim. life unfair. takes trip (crosscountry?) to get out of rut. no living family (perhaps death of last family member triggered trip).

Attacked. flees into woods or desolate area or swamp. Old history of hauntings/deaths a la slasher flicks. Either mansion or some sort of house/dwelling in which 'thing' dwells.

Woman tries to hide from pursuit in this place. Miasma of bad very apparent. Attackers laugh it off, group, enter, to finish woman off. woman flees through house. back of house/shack/shed area curls up. something scutters, collects. Smell of carnage increases. Woman does not react to creature forming with fear. Numb, but curious, she watches this new threat. It bends towards her, touches her, then turns around as group breaks down shed door.

Woman gets up with axe in hand but creature holds her back. The group shrinks back in fear. Creature looks at her and she moves forward. Towards the group. The axe rises.


Oddity drank an awful lot last night. But towards the end of the night, he tells me he loves me, that people like us together, that I surprised people by taking care of the sick girl, that I was unique and flexible and enchanting (not in those words). He felt happy and lucky that I was with him.

I love taking care of him. I love being there, around him. He hugs me and holds me and plays around and kisses me and calls me his girl in public. His friends like me, and they are a cool bunch. And.. HE volunteered to meet my friends, to hang in my circles (small as it is). I didn't ask him.

I wish I could describe in detail last night, when he was sitting in front of me, at the bar, telling me the things I wanted to hear and never asked. How his face glowed, and his eyes, so gentle, so sweet, looked at me with love. How he gets shy and goofy when I look at him. He kisses me, he holds me tight, he hugs me to him, he holds my hand, he announces to the world that I'm his girl and he's proud and happy.

He's my Addiction.