my oddity, my Ray, has done it again. with words printed on a screen, he's made me feel his love, like no one else ever has ... it is a heady, humbling, incredible feeling to know he loves me as I love him.


Hundreds of days without her
but yet i smile quietly as never before
with memories filling like weekends
Her lips so full
never leave me empty
but always begging for more
The days approach endlessly
when rivers cross
and we meet on the other side
This is when the lights will shine
when sun and moon converge
bringing two hearts together
Always in my arms
it's where i want her to be
never letting go, never far away
This was always a dream
a slice of heaven
and soon she will arrive
I'll be waiting
with my heart in my hand
and love in her eyes
I smile quietly, happily
we've come a long way
and this is where we will meet
As winter grows into spring
when birds sing the most
together we'll stand in sunshine