I just received an email in indonesian from what was supposedly Google letting me know that my blog was at this location, and that it was registered to my gmail addy, and that if I needed help or needed to find my password, etc etc etc.

So I think it was a spoof. 'Cause, you see, when I open blogger, it automatically signs me in. But when I clicked on the link provided, IT DIDN'T.

And really,... why would Google send me a message in Indonesian? (Oh, how do I know? I've a knack for recognizing words as part of a language group, and 'silakan' looks like silat and silat reminds me of that part of the world.)

I used google translate (which, at this point in time, due to the range of languages, is superior to Babelfish) and found out what the body of the message said.

Still rather wierd.